Geotechnical engineering serves as the foundation for design and construction of the built environment.  NorthGES provides a complete set of geotechnical engineering services to support our clients, from project initiation through construction.  These services include the following:


  • Subsurface characterization
  • In-Situ field testing
  • Groundwater observation wells
  • Laboratory testing of soil and rock
  • Shallow foundation analysis and design
  • Deep foundation analysis and design
  • Retaining wall analysis and design
  • Soil structure interaction analysis using numerical modeling
  • Underground structures and tunneling
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and microtunneling
  • Rock slope and foundation engineering
  • Excavation support analysis and design
  • Groundwater control and dewatering systems
  • Geohydrologic modeling and seepage analysis
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Geologic hazards analysis and mitigation
  • Ground improvement analysis and design
  • Slope stability analysis and landslide mitigation
  • Geotechnical instrumentation design, installation, and monitoring
  • Pavement analysis and design
  • Plan and specification review
  • Construction support and observation
  • Forensics analysis and expert witness support