Technical Network

NorthGES has relationships and partners with a network of geoengineering technical specialists who are available to assist us on a subconsultant basis.  These include:  

Alan Kuhn, PhD, PE, PG, D.GE, F.ASCE.  Geological Engineering and Underground Structures Consultant.  Dr. Kuhn earned a B.S. degree from Duke University, an M.S. from Colorado State University, and a PhD from University of Illinois.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in six states as well as a licensed Professional Geologist.  Alan has 50 years of experience and expertise in radioactive waste isolation, tunneling, deep excavations, slope stabilization, and disturbed-land reclamation.  His major projects include the Strait of Gibraltar tunnel, New York City Second Avenue Subway, Chicago TARP tunnels, the Piñon Ridge Uranium Project, and the Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Project. Dr. Kuhn also supported Mr. North on both the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) Facility and RLUOB Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory as indicated in the Projects tab.  Dr. Kuhn is founder and Principal of Alan Kuhn Associates, LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He is a Fellow of ASCE, and is a Diplomate Geotechnical Engineer of the Academy of Geo-Professionals.  Dr. Kuhn is Adjunct Faculty for the departments of Mineral Engineering and Civil/Environmental Engineering at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Robert Pyke, PhD.  Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering Consultant.  Born and raised in Australia, Dr. Pyke received his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Sydney.  At the University of California, Berkeley, he conducted original doctoral research under the guidance of the late Professor Harry Seed, with whom he subsequently worked on several consulting assignments.  Since 1977, Dr. Pyke has worked principally as a private consultant on special problems in geotechnical, earthquake, and water resource engineering, playing a significant role on the following projects: design and construction of Warm Springs and Seven Oaks Dams for the Corps of Engineers; the seismic upgrade of San Pablo Dam for the East Bay Municipal Utilities District; Pier 400 for the Port of Los Angeles; the Hugh Leatherman Terminal at the Port of Charleston; the redevelopment of Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay; the new East Bay Crossing of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge; and the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository.  He also supported Mr. North on the IWTU project at the Idaho National Laboratory and the CMRR project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory as indicated in the Projects tab.


As Technical Director of TAGA Engineering Software Limited (TAGAsoft), Dr. Pyke has supervised the development of the next-generation computer programs TSLOPE (2D and 3D slope stability) and TPILE (for the analysis of piles and flexible walls under both lateral and axial loadings).  Both programs include unique features that allow engineers to better model real world problems.


Kenneth H. Stokoe, II, PhD, Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Texas, Austin.  Dynamic Properties and Site Stiffness Measurements.  An internationally acclaimed geotechnical engineer, Dr. Stokoe has expertise in a variety of areas that include: laboratory measurement of dynamic and cyclic properties of soil and rock; site stiffness characterization methods including crosshole and downhole seismic testing, and spectral-analysis-of-surface-waves (SASW) measurements; and is the developer of large-amplitude, ground shaking equipment (T-Rex, Liquidator, etc.) for measurements of deep seismic profiling (>500 m) as well as site-specific nonlinear changes in the shear and compression wave properties of unsaturated soils and of saturated soils leading to liquefaction. He has provided consulting services nationally and internationally for a wide range of projects including several of the projects listed under the NorthGES Projects tab.

Bruce RedpathGeophysics and Blasting Consultant.  Bruce is a California Registered Geophysicist (GP 347) and Licensed Blaster (No. 5087) for seismic and general aboveground blasting.  A graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec (BSc in physics and geology; MSc in geophysics), Bruce has five decades of experience in the practical, research, and management aspects of applied geophysics, instrumentation, and the use and effects of explosives.  He is currently an independent practitioner whose primary interests are dynamic site characterization, shallow site-exploration, vibration measurement and analysis, blast design and effects analysis, and the development of geophysical instrumentation.  Bruce is responsible for a broad range of applied research into more efficient use of explosives in both construction and military applications, and wrote Seismic Refraction Exploration for Engineering Site Investigations, now widely accepted as the basic survey manual. Bruce also developed geophysical methods to determine the in-situ shear-wave damping of soils based on the spectral decay of downhole signals and has provided innovative approaches to solving problems in earthquake engineering and the dynamics of structures.  Bruce has provided consulting services nationally and internationally, including several projects listed under the NorthGES Projects tab.